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BenQ FP72V 17-inch TFT LCD Monitor
By Zachary Chan
Category : Monitor
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 25th July, 2005
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars   (Most Innovative Product Award)


The FP72V came in a rather large box for a 17-inch LCD and to our surprise, opened up to reveal one of the better looking monitors we've seen in a while. The FP72V was a truly stunning design by BenQ and as far as aesthetics are concerned, the monitor was a beaut. From the front, the monitor has a sleek professional quality accentuated by its brushed metal paint job and by a clever twist of design, looks like a widescreen display. This is partly due to the side speaker extensions and the way BenQ presented the LCD panel. Instead of a regular bezel that frames the entire panel, it only covers the top and bottom. A coated glass panel was placed over the LCD spanning to both sides of the monitor, giving it the widescreen illusion. However, in truth, the FP72V was a regular 1.25 aspect ratio LCD.

Widescreen look and feel created by a glass panel that covers the entire monitor width. The two side speakers also help with this effect.

Side profile of the BenQ FP72V. This sleek monitor is also incredibly thin, made possibly by moving all its connectors to the base and using an external AC adapter.

The rear design of the FP72V enclosure had a totally different look altogether. While the front was distinctively stylish and modern, what made up the back was a blast from the past. The whole base, stand and back was entirely made up of smooth white plastic, a description that will no doubt dig up images of certain Apple products. However, while the FP72V did have the unmistakable shine of a large iPod, it looked nothing like an Apple clone and carried its unique look and feel with aplomb. Actually, its robotic hinges, retro feel and color scheme make a great Marvin (from the recent Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie) impression. All we need now is to cue a depressing nonchalant voice to go along with it.

Rear View of the BenQ FP72V TFT LCD monitor. Sleek and sexy with a retro cool.

Without a built-in power adapter, the ventilation holes on the monitor are small and discreet.

Large and solid base also sports the same polished look.

Since the FP72V seemed to be designed around the whole 'home entertainment' buzz, the monitor came as an entire piece with little to no removable parts. That's right, no readily detachable base or stand, no wall mounting VESA holes and even the ever present Kensington lock was nowhere to be found. In one of BenQ's documentations, it was noted that the side speakers were an optional item, but ours came with speakers attached. Since we found no way to safely detach them without the use of tools or risk damaging the unit, we let them stay on. The FP72V's stand used a two hinge system that offers height adjustment and tilting. It could be folded down for storage and can be extended up to 107mm. Its base was a large solid piece that was home to all the connectors of the monitor. One can see now, how the FP72V was designed as an integrated desktop unit and not meant for other purposes.

Only the BenQ logo adorns the rear enclosure. The smooth one-piece back does not house any connectors or screw holes.

Height adjustment possible with a twin hinge design, extendable up to 107mm.

Fully folded FP72V ready for transport.

Input connectors aplenty at the rear of the monitor base. What you see here clockwise from top is the USB 2.0, stereo, AC input, D-SUB and DVI-D.

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