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BenQ FP71G+ 17-inch 8ms TFT LCD
By Zachary Chan
Category : Monitor
Published by Vijay Anand on Wednesday, 2nd February, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Back to Basics

The BenQ FP71G+ looks much sleeker than the FP71E+ did. BenQ did away with the multimedia speakers and stuck with a conventional but clean design that made the FP71G+ more professional in appearance and less gaudy. The FP71G+ comes in a classical silver/black motif with the LCD encased in a two piece cabinet. We were quite pleased that the plastic cabinet was well fitted, overall contributing to the decent construction that the LCD panel possess.

Even with a classical design and no additional frills, the BenQ FP71G+ still looks pretty good.

Side profile of the FP71G+.

Turning the unit around showed a little more features. We were greeted with the familiar BenQ logo in a circular pattern as the central design. This pattern cleverly extends down towards the monitor stand to look like a keyhole. Nothing truly exciting, but it does give the monitor a cool cosmetic finish, whether it was intentional or not. Closer examination revealed 100x100mm VESA compliant mounting holes present in the design, granting users an option to purchase optional desk or wall mounts for better versatility.

Rear design has the appearance of a keyhole.

Closer inspection of the back will reveal four mounting screw holes that are VESA 100mm compliant.

AC power supply is built in, so large ventilation slots are needed to help dissipate heat. After a few hours of usage, the monitor does feel quite warm.

The FP71G+ only supports analog input.

The stock stand that comes with the monitor is of the rigid variety, without any pivot or swivel capabilities. Users should expect to have basic tilting capabilities of around -3°/+25°, similar to what the FP71E+ could do. The only problem we see with this stand that it is on the short side. Depending on your desktop and seating position, you may need to elevate the monitor manually to get the ideal height. The stand sports a cable hold, which needs to be detached first before routing your cable through. Much like VESA mounts and Kensington locks, cable hooks/holds are a common feature in LCD monitors to minimize clutter.

The regular stand without the base connected. Sadly, it only supports tilting and is a little on the short side.

The wide detachable base covers more than half of the monitor's width providing sufficient support to the FP71G+ LCD panel.

Without the speakers, the monitor sports slimmer bezels all around measuring 18mm at the sides. The bottom bezel has a protruding center that houses the monitor buttons. In the FP71E+, the buttons were hidden away below the monitor and we found that you had to grope around to get it right. The FP71G+ offers you no such disadvantages with relatively huge buttons and appropriately engraved icons. The distinguished button design ensures that you'd never press the wrong button on this monitor. The 'Mode' button, which cycled through different preset display modes is also missing from the FP71G+. The OSD menu is also kept clean and simple, but the color temperatures still uses BenQ's simplified Bluish, Reddish and Normal naming convention instead of the actual temperature values. According to BenQ's specifications, the three modes equate to temperatures of 9300K, 5800K and 6500K respectively.

The FP71G+ sports huge and wide buttons that should deter anyone from complaining about button difficulties.

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