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BenQ FP71E+ 17-inch 8ms TFT LCD
By Zachary Chan
Category : Monitor
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 22nd November, 2004
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  

BenQ FP71E+

The BenQ FP71E+ has a very classic look compared to the ultra chic FP783 or the extravagant FP785. BenQ seems to be going for the simplistic and functional model. The plastic front and bezel has an anodized silver finish giving the monitor more of an industrial look. However, this is one book you do not want to judge too quickly. On examining the monitor, we found that it was actually quite sturdily built, with good quality plastics and excellent fittings.

For the ego maniacs, the 8ms sticker is a constant reminder of the monitor's performance. The monitor also adheres to the TCO'03 environment standards.

Speaker bezel is located below. The silver lined grooves give the monitor a classical look.

Power supply is built-in the monitor, so the large ventilation grills allow more breathing room.

Side view of the FP71E+. Not as slim as some LCDs due to the built-in power adapter.

The monitor stand is made of thick rigid plastic with an opening running down the middle. The opening is used to route cables through so they do not obstruct or interfere with movement. The stand doesn't have any swivel nor pivot capabilities, but it is able to tilt to a certain degree. The tilting angle isn't specified, but we roughly estimate it to be around -5/+25°. While the stand is made of plastic, the joints are steel. It offers firm positioning and tilting without being too stiff. The stand can be removed to accommodate optional wall or desk mounts (100x100 VESA compliant) for additional placement options.

The stand base is a round metal slate, which is secured to the stand by sliding it into the locking mechanism. Rubberized grips are attached to the bottom of the base, but they seem to be glued on and might be prone to tearing.

An oval opening along the stand for obstruction free cabling.

Beneath the plastic cover of the base is a metal plate, though a swivel plate might have been a better value added efature. Slide the base into the stand to lock it in place.

Removing the stand, notice the steel hinges. You can slightly loosen the nuts if you feel it is too stiff to tilt.

Rubber grips are glued on. With no grooves to hold them in place, they might be prone to tearing with heavy use.

Unlike the rest of the monitor, the buttons were poorly designed. The buttons are located beneath the monitor with icons engraved on the front for identification. However, they are positioned too close to each other and not well defined to the touch. As a result, they needed getting used to without continuously pressing the wrong buttons.

Buttons are large, but has a rubbery feel and are too close to each other.

The monitor includes BenQ's iKey feature, which is similar to auto-adjust buttons found in most other LCDs. Besides the regular menu and selection buttons, the FP71E+ has an extra Mode button. It scrolls through four preset color modes, Normal, Movies1, Movies2 and Photo. The panel also comes with a set of built-in speakers for multimedia functions. Though at 1W per speaker, it can hardly be considered as an audio solution. On the bright side, the monitor does include a convenient headphone jack.

The back design blends in with the VESA compliant mounting holes.

After removing the stand, a clearer view of the connectors can be seen. Audio, AC power and both analog and DVI cables are provided in the packaging.

If you're on the go, the Kensington lock will provide additional security.

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