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Shuttle XP17 17-inch TFT LCD
By Zachary Chan
Category : Monitor
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 22nd October, 2004
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Eye of the Beholder

The words we're looking for here are minimalist and elegance, and the Shuttle XP17 17-Inch Flat Panel Display has oodles of it. The monitor comes in a slim profile with a silver aluminum frame that extends slightly from the top and bottom to act as a stand and carrying handle - making it look like a stylized briefcase. Shuttle has used high-impact aluminum tubing for the frame and it looks to be made out of a single piece, giving it that increased sturdiness and durability. As a touch of class, the 'Shuttle' logo lights up when the unit is powered on.

Slim profile with aluminum tubing for a stylish frame. Good looks and robust to boot.

Aluminum tubing shaped into a carrying handle

'Shuttle' log acts as a power indicator, lighting up when the monitor is turned on.

The monitor display has a tempered glass facia giving it a polished and smooth look, while providing extra protection to the LCD screen. In fact, the glass plate covers the entire front forming a totally flat surface and also has an anti-glare coating. The coating should help reduce eye strain and improve image quality as well as viewing angles. We put the XP17 to the test and found out that images and text still looked sharp and distinct even when we were viewing it around 170° horizontally, much higher than the rated 140°. However, vertical viewing angles didn't fare too well and images started to blur out after around 120° (more on performance on the following pages).

The entire screen is covered by AG coated tempered glass.

Basic controls are located along the bottom of the monitor, and while the icons are printed on the front as indicators, so users would have no trouble identifying them, the actual buttons are hidden out of view below. Standard control buttons include Power, OSD Menu, -/+, Select and Auto calibration.

Buttons are hidden at the bottom, though icons are printed on the panel to avoid confusion.

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