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Kingmax SuperRAM DDR433 Memory
By Vijay Anand
Category : Memory
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 9th September, 2003
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Kingmax SuperRAM DDR433

This is the Kingmax SuperRAM DDR433, 512MB module sent to us for review:-

Note the RAM part number.

Here is the picture of the RAM sent to us in their press-release:-

Red PCB with better rated memory chips?

We were not particularly concerned by the different PCB color, since SuperRAM series is known to be available in red and brown too. However what puzzled us was that the dissimilarly rated memory chips. Although Kingmax does not detail the RAM part numbers on their website as clear as we would have preferred, from comparing a few other RAM part models on other Kingmax modules, there is a possibility that the DDR433 certified modules sent to us may actually be a DDR400 part. Compare our sample with a mainstream Kingmax DDR400 TinyBGA RAM:-

The last two digits may indicate the frequency of the RAM module, e.g –50 may be equivalent to a 5ns RAM part which would be capable of a 200MHz clock operation (DDR400).

In our tests, we could not operate the Kingmax SuperRAM DDR433 higher than its rated speed and this is also another indication that the RAM chips may actually be a higher grade or a better batch of DDR400. Whether the last two digits truly indicate the RAM chip’s operating frequency or not, Kingmax does guarantee a stable DDR433 operation. This issue is only critical to those intending to overclock their memory beyond the DDR433 mark. We wonder if the retail versions of the Kingmax SuperRAM DDR433 would look similar to our modules or those shown in the press release pictures. If it is of the latter, its overclocking potential (and even general performance) may be unlike our variant, unless they are actually relabeled versions of the same parts used in our sample.

Let us move on to the performance segment and find out what sort of advantage the Kingmax SuperRAM DDR433 modules offer overclockers.

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