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New Memory from TwinMOS
By CPU-zilla
Category : Memory
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 28th February, 2002

PC133 SO-DIMM for the Notebook

Notebook memory today mostly used PC100 SO-DIMM modules. Well, we know that it is impossible to tweak memory timings in notebooks, let alone overclock your notebook processor. So why is there a need for PC133 memory? Surely there's a reason why TwinMOS is investing in a new product like this.

The answer is clear, we'll soon see notebooks requiring PC133 memory support. Not so much of the current Pentium III-M notebooks, but for the upcoming mobile Pentium 4 systems. Although details are still sketchy about the upcoming mobile Pentium 4 processor and chipset, we heard that PC133 memory will be used in these new notebooks.

The new TwinMOS PC133 SO-DIMM packs up to 16 memory chips into the tiny SO-DIMM form factor. Utilizing the new wBGA (window Ball Grid Array) packaging, TwinMOS was able to maximize the space with 16 pieces of 128Mbit RAM chips to make a 256MB module. 128Mbit chips are still relatively cheaper than 256Mbit parts and it makes sense to use the more affordable chips to manufacture high capacity memory modules. However, TwinMOS do have plans to use 256Mbit parts to manufacture their SO-DIMM which is why there is a 512MB version in their roadmap.

TwinMOS PC-133 SO-DIMM Specifications
PCB Width (mm) 67.6
PCB Height (mm) 29.5
PCB Thickness (mm) 1
No. of pins 144
Lead Pitch 0.8
Capacity (MB) 256/512
Speed (MHz) PC-133

With smaller BGA packaging, you can squeeze more memory chips in a single module.

The chips memory parts used in the TwinMOS PC133 SO-DIMM were from Mosel Vitelic. Its specifications indicate that these memory parts have the ability to handle up to 143MHz. Thus, reliability should not be an issue here since these 7ns chips are designed to run at only 133MHz.

TwinMOS used Mosel Vitelic memory chips on the PC133 notebook memory module.

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