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GeIL Ultra Platinum PC4400 1GB Dual Channel Kit (DDR550)
By Vijay Anand
Category : Memory
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 19th May, 2004
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars   (Most Value For Money Award)

GeIL Joins The PC4400 Club

GeIL has had quite a heritage of being an overclocker's brand of choice because they've frequently offered RAM modules higher than the industry's current fastest specifications. Additionally, they often handpick better RAM chips for the added overclocking edge on their higher-end series. These are just some of the reasons why GeIL has carved itself a niche space in the overclocking arena. Recently, they've even embarked on marketing fanciful RAM modules in swell looking packaging to enhance their market presence and entice even more end-users. Examples of some of them are GeIL's new Apple Series and the Golden Dragon series.

Given that the DDR550 standard is now the fastest unofficial memory standard for DDR1 memory modules, GeIL is one of the few vendors who sprang to release their DDR550 offerings in the same time frame when Corsair made their move. GeIL's DDR550 modules are only available in the Ultra Platinum series and are easily identified by their ultra shiny mirror finish of the silver (chrome) heat spreaders. Like Corsair, GeIL too classified their heat spreaders as Platinum Copper, but we are quite doubtful if they were actually made of real platinum. Even their inexpensive DDR400 ram modules have these heat spreaders and given their price points, you'll know why we have our doubts. In any case, they still do a fine job in dissipating heat like all other heat spreaders.

For this review, GeIL sent us their Ultra Platinum PC4400 Dual Channel Kit (1GB) which comprised of a matched pair of 512MB modules. Here are a few photos of their retail packaging for this dual channel kit:-

A transparent acrylic box design exposes the beauty of the GeIL's Ultra Platinum series.

Here's a close-up of the product description.

The cover can be slid open, so the sturdy acrylic packaging is reusable.

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