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Quake 4 Performance Review
By Vijay Anand
Category : Graphics
Published by Vijay Anand on Thursday, 20th October, 2005

Quaking in Year 2005 – Does Quake 4 Deliver?

While we have to give credit that the updated Doom 3 game engine is holding up pretty well in Quake 4 and is able to portray the vast landscape and open areas in certain segments of the game, unfortunately, there's not quite enough of it in our opinion to shake off that Doom 3 feel. Most of your time, you end up fighting in enclosed spaces (again) and the pace at which the game moves doesn't really live up to the hype and claims. Also, the sore thumb of Doom 3's game engine is still apparent, which is its inability to portray humans figures (the characters' heads specifically) as convincing as the Half-Life 2 or Unreal game engines. Don't get us wrong, the textures, details, lighting effects and others visual aspects of the game stand out really well, but somehow, the characters' face and heads are still rough on the edges, though a tad less apparent than in Doom 3. For those who aren't Quake fans or fanatics, you would probably feel that this fourth version is sort of a 'restructured' Doom 3.

Click me!! One of the many kinds of control rooms you'll encounter within the game.

Click me!! As we were saying, the textures and lighting effects are pretty good in this game.

Thankfully, Quake 4 isn't quite as dark as the 'devilish' Doom 3 settings and for those who scorned at Doom 3's inability to use a torch while holding a gun (which is almost everyone), you would be relieved to hear that Quake 4 allows you to mount a torch on some of the weapons. Of course don't forget that you are now playing as part of a team and you've allies to assist you in your missions (hence the human factor is present) and that makes the game more engaging.

Click me!! If not for the torch that's mounted with the gun, we would have had a nasty time trying to fire enemies. Some of them visibly show off their better artificial intelligence by dodging or jumping aside when they fired upon too much; so they don't always travel in a straight line.

Click me!! Ah, a comrade to our assistance. Just as we mentioned, your virtual teammates can be of real help if you look out for them too.

The upsides to look out for in Quake 4 are most certainly the outdoor battles where you not only have a huge terrain and outside elements such as huge machinery, fighter crafts, homing missiles to dodge from and many more, but you also get to use vehicles such as the hover tank among others. We won't spoil it for you too much by spilling all the beans, but just to whet your appetite, expect a nice fanfare of arsenal that's similar to all the previous Quake versions with classics like the rail gun, rocket launcher, nail gun, grenade launcher, lightning gun and many others that have all been given an overhaul in appearance, visual effects and even sound effects. Speaking of which, Quake 4's background music pacing and overall sound effects are a perfect complement to the game and as long as you are in the right frame of mind, the audio does a great job in immersing you in the game.

Click me!! Some large cannon that needs to be decommissioned.

Click me!! Need to practice your mouse skills? Try taking out the homing missiles while you are under fire by the stationary turret; no extra points for using a Razor mice though.

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