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ASUS Extreme N6600GT (GeForce 6600 GT PCIe)
By Vincent Chang
Category : Graphics
Published by Vijay Anand on Monday, 20th June, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

The ASUS Extreme N6600GT 128MB

Hyperbole is cheap in the graphics industry, which is why we usually see names with Ultra, Extreme, Ultimate and other variations of such synonyms tagged on graphics cards. For ASUS, the Extreme moniker has been used often in both their ATI and NVIDIA line of products. To make things even more confusing, ASUS has another version of the Extreme N6600GT - the TOP Limited Edition - that is clocked at a higher than default speed and with faster memory. However, the card we have today is the normal edition, meaning that its GeForce 6600GT graphics processor (GPU) follows the reference design at a frequency of 500MHz and the 128MB of DDR3 memory runs at 1GHz DDR.

ASUS seem to prefer blue PCBs for their graphics card recently.

ASUS has not made any innovative changes when implementing its Extreme N6600GT card. The design is basically no different from the NVIDIA reference card but ASUS has attached its own custom cooler and there are also RAM sinks to cool the memory, which is a nice touch. The quality of its engineering is evident from the well-made aluminum cooler that works efficiently in the background such that it was drowned out by our CPU cooler during testing. Unlike some cards from other vendors, the RAM sinks are very securely attached to the Samsung memory chips.

The heatsinks for the memory are firmly attached and resisted our attempts to dislodge them.

The usual suspects from left to right: S-Video output, DVI-I connector, analog VGA output.

Typical of ASUS, the bundled accessories and software for the Extreme N6600GT maintains its usual standards, with a number of media content software and one full game, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising, all nicely packed in a plastic CD holder. The accessories are adequate though not that fantastic when compared to some of its competitors.

A decent software collection, packed and ready to go.

The items in our package are in the following list:

  • DVI-to-VGA adaptor
  • S-Video to Composite cable
  • User Manual
  • ASUS Driver CD
  • Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 3DE
  • CyberLink MediaShow 2.0SE
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