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NVIDIA G70 - A Snapshot Preview
By CPU-zilla
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Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 30th May, 2005

The New NVIDIA G70

As Computex Taipei draws near, the Hardware Zone team here is hard at work bringing you the latest news and happenings right in the heart of all the excitement itself. Today, we'll whet your appetite with pictures of the latest NVIDIA G70 graphics card. Yes guys, it's here and it's coming! Time to throw out the old and prepare for greater and a more fluid graphics experience.

The new NVIDIA G70 graphics card which will be based on the PCI Express interface. Design of the card allows for up to 512MB of frame buffer. This card has only 256MB of memory. Other components are pretty much similar to current generation of graphics cards.

The card will support dual DVI monitors. The mini-DIN connector to the far left allows for VIVO operations through a TV encoder/decoder chip using the Philips SA7115 chip.

The card uses the less conventional 6-pin power connector. According to sources, this power connector requires up to 75W of power to run this baby. Better stock up those high powered PSU if you want one of this in your system.

Here's a look at the chip and memory chips without the fan and heatsink. As said earlier, the card is designed for up to 16 memory chips (eight in front and another eight at the back). Currently this card uses only eight which gives it a total of 256MB.

Here's a close-up view of the future NVIDIA G70 graphics chip that would probably view Half Life 2 and Doom 3 as just 'a walk in the park'.

According to our sources, the card is hot, so hot that we did not managed to even perform a live run. The card is obviously damaged due to heat and upon closer inspection, we saw brown burnt marks around the card, near the PCI Express connector and even at the fan plug. The 10-layer PCB which holds the GPU also suffered heat damage and we saw blistering of the PCB at areas near the GPU.

The card will draw, *drumroll*, a total of 150W. That's even more than any regular desktop CPU we know. 75W will be drawn from the PCI Express interface while another 75W will be supplied through an extra power connector on the card. This will pose as a challenge to graphics card manufacturers as they start designing the appropriate cooling solutions for their card. It doesn't look like it's going to work as a single slot solution, but we'll never know for sure. If NVIDIA is going to deliver the G70 in bulk, they'll need to get their manufacturing partner to further refine their manufacturing process and decrease its heat output. Sources tell us that the G70 is manufactured using 110nm process technology and not 90nm as earlier speculated.

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