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ATI CrossFire Preview
By Vijay Anand
Category : Graphics
Published by Vijay Anand on Tuesday, 31st May, 2005

The Platform Support

To enable ATI CrossFire, you'll first require the right motherboard platform. To fit this bill, ATI's existing RADEON XPRESS 200 series has been updated to include a revision addressing this. Currently, there are the RS and RX series of core logic chipsets that indicate the inclusion and exclusion of an integrated graphics core. The new RD series has support for ATI's CrossFire technology to support dual PCIe x16 slots and are BIOS configurable to set the mode of operation. Just like the existing the RADEON XPRESS 200 chipsets that cater to both AMD and Intel CPU platforms, this new revision once again comes in two variants to support both camps. Additionally, most of these CrossFire capable motherboards will feature ATI's updated SB450 Southbridge chip. Here's how the RADEON XPRESS 200 lineup looks like with the new chipset update:-

Chipset Feature AMD (Socket 939) Intel (LGA775)
Discrete Graphics RX400 + SB400 RX480 + SB400
Integrated Graphics RS400 + SB400 RS480 + SB400
ATI CrossFire RD400 + SB400 RD480 + SB400

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