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3-Way GeForce FX 5700 Ultra Mini-Roundup
By Vijay Anand
Category : Graphics
Published by Jimmy Tang on Wednesday, 7th April, 2004

Albatron FX5700U

For the past year, Albatron has been promoting their products quite aggressively with good stable products and an enticing price to boot. Well, we made a mental note to review their products since they would appeal to end-users looking to maximize their money's worth. Having reviewed their impressive Athlon 64 motherboard in our huge roundup, we were looking forward to a good showing by the Albatron FX5700U in this mini roundup.

The interestingly designed Albatron FX5700U is sure to catch your attention.

The rear-I/O has a DVI-I interface, S-Video TV-output and the normal DB15 VGA connector.

With an aesthetically pleasing blue PCB and a matching cooler design, we think many would be fond of this design and color scheme. Albatron prides themselves with their Wise Fan technology which is now in the second incarnation. Using three small cooler fans, only two of these will function in normal operation while the third will kick into operation only when the card's temperature is extremely high or when one of the two primary fans fail. This is why you see the cooler bearing a '2+1 Backup' slogan.

A close look at the large cooling unit.

The blue faceplate has only a tiny clearance between itself and the fans. We advice careful handling to avoid denting the faceplate, which could then affect the fan's effective cooling.

Here's a shot of the rear-side of the cooler. As you can see, it's all aluminum.

And this is the card without its cooling unit. Although the PCB is turquoise blue and is a non-standard color, we are not quite certain who manufactured it for the lack of notable markings on the PCB.

There was enough thermal paste on the core to even spread some on your CPU!

Albatron practically smeared the GPU with thermal paste, which is quite the opposite of a few other graphics card vendors who are quite stingy with their thermal paste, so much so that their tiny blob of paste hardly even covers the GPU's surface. This is not to say that a heavy coat such as on this card is good, but in fact detrimental. A thin evenly applied layer often offers the best results.

As we had expected, Samsung's 2.2ns DDR-II RAM parts line the card on both sides for its 128MB frame buffer.

On the rear, we see aluminum RAMsinks and we reckon its necessary because of the high-speed operation of the DDR-II RAM chips that dissipate quite a bit of heat.

An overall view of the Albatron FX5700U graphics card.

A view of the Albatron FX5700U and its box package.

Well, we've seen a few facets of the Albatron FX5700U, so here's a listing of what we found inside its package:-

  • S-Video Extension cable
  • Composite Extension cable
  • S-Video to Composite converter
  • Albatron GeForce FX series manual
  • InterVideo WinDVD Creator CD
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (full game) CD
  • Game Pack CD with playable demos of Age Of Wonders II, Max Payne, Zax, Beam Breaker and Rally Trophy.
  • Drivers CD

    Most of the standard items we've come to expect are present within the package except for a DVI-I to VGA converter and a Y-Power cable splitter for the extra power required by all GeForce FX 5700 Ultra graphics cards. So for those with dual CRT monitors or LCD displays without a DVI interface, beware of the extra cost needed to obtain this converter.
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