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TDK Cyclone 52x32x52x
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 5th January, 2004
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  

Burning Sensation

Here comes the final phase of the benchmarking course where we take all the CD-R media available at our disposal and jam identical 648MB worth of data into each of them using Nero Burning Rom. The sole purpose of this test is to show you how well this 52x CyClone copes with the various CD-R media available on the market and the time it takes for the drive to carry out its tasks. Results gathered are weighed against 3 other similar internal CD-Writers reviewed here at, the MSI’s CR-52M , Lite-On’s 52x32x52x and Plextor PlexWriter Premium 52x32x52x .

Here is where it all narrows down to numbers and minutes. Although all drives are identical as far as specifications are concern, their real world performance do differ and numbers don’t lie - unfortunately at the point of this review, we do not have the Plextor drive in our lab to re-test the drive's 52x CD-R and 32x CD-RW write speeds, thus comparison in these two categories are made with just the other 2 drives.

In terms of 32x CD-RW writing speed, TDK’s latest CyClone sure didn’t disappoint, beaing the Lite-On and MSI drives by a couple of seconds. The same result was shown in the 24x CD-RW write test reflecting TDK’s CD-RW writing capability as a solid performer.

At the spotlight of the CD-R writing is the 52x category. TDK’s 52x flavor came in second amongst the three drives in the chart with a write time of 2:36 minutes which is still pretty fast by our standards. When it comes to compatibility issues, the TDK Cyclone was able to read all of the media in our lab and indicate their respective maximum write speeds in Nero except for the Quentin CD-R media which uses CMC Magnetics dye, and where only a 24x write speed was detected - half of what the Quentin’s 48x CD-R media has to offer. However, this isn’t just isolated to TDK’s writer, as all the other writers mentioned have the same problem with at least one media as well. If the results are anything to judge by, TDK’s 52x option is still considered very media friendly.

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