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Iomega (CDRW6402EXT-B) 16x10x40x External USB 2.0 CD-RW
By Aaron Yip
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 10th December, 2001
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  

Nero CD Speed

Our first test began with Nero CD Speed 99 where we test the reading speed of the drive, and calculate the seek times on three different types of media discs. The first was a pressed data CD (Ziff-Davis' CD Winbench 99), the second was an Audio CD (Depeche Mode's Ultra album) and the last was a HS 10x CD-RW disc (Various files). The results are as follows.

Nero CD Speed
Nero CD Speed Data CD Audio CD HS 10x CD-RW
  • Average: 26.96x
  • Start: 16.17x
  • End: 35.45x
  • Average: 23.15x
  • Start: 9.36x
  • End: 30.64x
  • Average: 16.06x
  • Start: 16.04x
  • End: 16.06x
  • Seek Times
  • Random: 95ms
  • 1/3: 104ms
  • Full: 187ms
  • Random: 86ms
  • 1/3: 98ms
  • Full: 160ms
  • Random: 111ms
  • 1/3: 116ms
  • Full: 231ms
  • CPU Usage
  • 1x: 1%
  • 2x: 3%
  • 4x: 6%
  • 8x: 12%
  • 1x: 2%
  • 2x: 4%
  • 4x: 13%
  • 8x: 84%
  • 1x: 1%
  • 2x: 2%
  • 4x: 5%
  • 8x: 10%

  • As you can see, the Panther's reading performance was pretty average. With a read rating of 40x, we're sure it could have done better. It's performance in the CD-RW test was one of the lowest we have seen to date, and CPU Usage was slightly high for this drive but that is more due to the USB 2.0 connectivity. In fact we would consider it's CPU Usage score to be low for a USB 2.0 drive, as compared to some external USB 1.1 CD-RW drives. Seek Times scores were pretty good as well for this drive except for, again, the CD-RW test.

    Click me!! The Panther reading a data disc using CAV method.

    Click me!! The Panther reading an audio disc using CAV method.

    The Iomega Panther drive isn't loud at all. The only noticeable sound we heard was the hissing sound it made whenever a new CD was being accessed. This only happens during the initial bootup stage and is fairly common among both CD-RW and CD-ROM drives. Other than that, the Panther is pretty quiet. Next we tested the Panther drive with Ziff-Davis Media's CD Winbench 99 in a head-to-head contset with two other CD-RW drive readers, namely the Yamaha CRW2200E and the Plextor PX-W2410TA.

    Ziff-Davis Media CD Winbench 99

    Ziff-Davis Media CD Winbench 99
    Benchmarks Iomega CDRW6402EXT-B Plextor PX-W2410TA Yamaha CRW2200E
    Ziff-Davis WinMark (Overall) 1570 KB/sec 1270 KB/sec 1260 KB/sec
    Disk Access Time 93.8 milliseconds 138 milliseconds 134 milliseconds
    Disk Transfer Rate
  • Beginning
  • End
  • 2640 KB/sec
  • 5340 KB/sec
  • 2830 KB/sec
  • 5770 KB/sec
  • 2500 KB/sec
  • 5180 KB/sec

  • The Panther performed remarkably well in CD WinBench. The drive came out tops even against Plextor. Most notable were the overall high WinMark and Disk Access Time scores (fastest). Though the transfer rate of the drive is slower than the Plextor, it is faster than the Yamaha drive.

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