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Pioneer DVR-A09XLA 16x16x DL Internal DVD Writer (Firmware v1.55)
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Vijay Anand on Wednesday, 6th July, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Pressed to Impress

Technically speaking, the DVR-A09XLA is one of the most feature laden internal DVD Rewriters around. There is the "Precision Recording Technology", which features a handful of components such as Liquid Crystal Tilt / Thickness Compensator, Smart Laser Driver and Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber, all working together to provide a stable platform for precision recording. This set of handy features can also be found on the DVR109, an identical drive in nearly every aspect with the exception of faceplate design and that it's only sold to OEM clients.

The one big difference between the two models is in the area of operational noise dampening. Where the DVR109 OEM unit is slightly more audible due to its lack of soundproofing, the DVR-109XLA is a silent runner, courtesy of its "Quiet Drive Technology", which can be seen from the honeycomb pressing at the top of the drive. In terms of appearance, the DVR-109XLA is no different from its predecessor, but lengthwise, the new model has been trimmed by a good 19mm, making it easier to install in a variety of systems.

Like the DVR-A08XLA, the front face is flat and a good breakaway from the dull fa├žade of most conventional designs.

The various connectors you can expect to find at the back of the drive.

No visible lining of noise dampening material at the mouth.

A soft line of material is pasted onto the internal wall of the tray for a good seal when the unit is in operation.

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