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Gigabyte GO-M1600B Multimedia DVD-ROM
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 21st December, 2004
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Experiencing the GO-M1600B

When the computer attached to the GO-M1600B is powered on, the drive operates and performs just like a typical DVD-ROM drive with the exception of an additional FM radio functionality. With the computer in a powered up state, playback of audio CD or MP3-CD via the GM-110 is impossible as the mode is disabled in this condition. In order to achieve audio CD or MP3-CD playback with the computer turned on, the traditional combination of software and soundcard in Windows environment is still mandatory. To summarize, the GM-110's features are only fully usable when it's operated independently, or in other words, when the computer is turned off.

Blue is the color of the backlight when the GO-M1600B is operating independently.

With the computer powered on, color of the backlight will change to amber.

Without the company of a computer, the GO-M1600B is basically a standalone CD/MP3 player with radio function housed within the casing of a computer. And as with most standalone CD/MP3 players, the GO-M1600B comes ready to bring down the house with its own set of audio enhancements. A built-in SRS audio processor and five surround sound modes are available to pump up audio clarity, bass and spatial level. Regrettably, the product does not allow user to define and create equalizer profiles and as such, audio definition is very much limited to what the unit has to offer.

Through the use of the built-in SRS audio processor, the GO-M1600B should be able to immerse its audience in a wide sound environment. Coupled with the five sound modes that provide different auditory experiences, the GO-M1600B is one product that offers a small degree of versatility for users to adjust the audio output for a better music session.

Audio Quality

Bearing in mind that a good audio source is paramount to the testing of audio products, our evaluation of the product's audio quality would be based on pressed audio CDs and MP3 files encoded at 192kbps and 320kbps. Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and Controlled Bit Rate (CBR) versions of these digital music files were prepared and written into a CD-RW disc which we use to assess the playback quality of the GO-M1600B. A pair of mid-range Sony MDR-G72 headphones and a pair of high-end Sennheiser HD525 headphones were used to grade the audio quality of the product.

The GO-M1600B is capable of scrolling MP3 tracks that are titled in English characters only. Sadly, bit rate of MP3 files are not displayed.

With SRS and audio effect disabled, tracks played from both CDs and MP3s lacked clarity and punch. Cymbals sounded muffled and drumbeats did not have the thudding oomph to drive the beat of our test music files. Enabling either Rock or Jazz audio effect resulted in a much livelier tune with overall treble and bass raised by an audible margin. But even so, the auditorium surround effect of our test music was very suppressed and sounded too thin for our liking. A combination of the SRS "WOW" and audio effect remedied this imperfection rather well, but we felt the bass could still do with a little more punch.

You can use the GO-M1600B with just the equalizer preset alone.

The status of the Jazz equalizer preset and SRS "WOW" are reflected on the right side of the display.

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