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BenQ DW1620 Dual-Format 16x DVD Writer
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 24th August, 2004
Rating : 5 out of 5 stars  


It seems BenQ's partnership with Philips is really taking off to a dream start as we saw BenQ became the first in the industry to push out the world's first 16x DVD writer a few months back. Within a short period of time, optical drives bearing the BenQ brand are fast gaining recognition amongst consumers and winning over (silencing) critics and skeptics. Unlike some other brands in the optical industry that focus solely in the optical storage business, BenQ is a massive company that has more than just optical drives as its core product. TFT LCD monitors, notebooks, MP3 players and digital cameras are some other products the company deals on a large scale as well. But even with this portfolio of products under its name, BenQ was able to maintain bearing on its ambition to be the first in the world to churn out 16x DVD drives; as witnessed in June this year.

Two months down the road and here we are with an updated version of the DW1600, the DW1620. Essentially, the DW1620 is merely an improved version of its predecessor but with one crucial capability injected into it; write support for DVD-R/RW media. As you most probably would have known by now, the DW1600 was a single-format drive and while it may have bagged a 4.5 stars rating from us, the absence of the drive's ability to write DVD-R/RW media was very much its Achilles' heel. With a clear knowledge on this and how it would impact the minds of consumers, BenQ went ahead to release news of its dual-format DW1620 shortly after its single-format DW1600 was unveiled to the world. With the hype and news surrounding this new drive circulating around for months now, it was no surprise that the level of anticipation and interests on the performance of the drive has been on the rise with each passing day. So without further delay, let's probe into the performance of BenQ's latest DW1620 DVD writer and put a rest to all those hours of eager waiting.

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