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8x8x DVD Writer Shootout
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Sunday, 30th May, 2004

The Sequel

The months have past and the excitements once stirred up by '88' DVD writers have eased considerably and relegated to mere memories. A few months back, specifically in March, we gathered three such drives and whipped up a mini-shootout aimed towards evaluating the speedy 8x DVD+/-R write speed. Though a lack of available media at the time led to a preliminary conclusion that lacked write time results from a few recordable media, the article did reveal the pace at which the optical storage industry is progressing and the benefits new write speed innovations can deliver nonetheless.

It can be said that the '88' DVD writers are the powering force that opened the floodgates of affordable and speedy DVD storage to the masses, for writing a full 4.7GB DVD in under 10 minutes has always been an ideal recording time desired by most consumers. Few months down the road to where we are now, the setting is starkly different. From drive and media scarcity a few months back, we now have with us a string of manufacturers featuring '88' DVD writers in their product portfolios and at the same time, recordable media these drives support are increasingly stacking up in quantities. Without these complementing media, the demands for '88' DVD writers simply won't exist, least to say new write speed innovations.

With these two ingredients finally in place, an opportunity for a shootout arises, leading us to take a total of nine branded '88' DVD writers and expending a cartload of DVD media in the process to fulfil our promise and commitment in bringing you a full-blown shootout. If you're still short-changed on the latest happenings in the realm of optical storage, we have a piece of good news that might deal the final nudge if you're still sitting on the fence deciding whether to purchase a DVD writer. Current '88' drives just took a 20% price cut recently; making an upgrade to these drives all the more a sweet deal now. Prices have dropped to a level of what a good combo drive used to cost.

That said, the process of narrowing down one drive to arm you with DVD storage while providing the best bang for your dollar is still by no means an easy one to make. Branding, pricing and the diverse technical specifications are often overwhelming for most consumers to execute a decisive choice. But for people who are bent on grabbing such a drive, our shootout should prove to be a timely assistance for you to take full advantage of these newly discounted prices.

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