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8x8x DVD-Writer OverDrive Burning Mini-shootout
By Justin Ong
Category : Optical Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 8th March, 2004

The 88s

LG GSA-4082B

Supported functions of LG GSA-4082B

The South-Korean electronics giant is the first in the world to release an all-format DVD-Writer. This 'all-format' series of DVD-Writers support all three DVD formats, namely DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and the rather niche DVD-RAM. If you’re among the group of people who aren’t too technically proficient about the different DVD format mentioned, getting this drive will save you a lot of pre-purchase research.

Pioneer DVR-107D

Supported functions of Pioneer DVR-107D

The first drive to bring 8x writing speed to both DVD±R format and 4x write speed to DVD±RW, Pioneer's DVR-107D dual format internal writer features Liquid Crystal Control System to enhance recording on media that are warped or have thickness irregularities.

Another technological innovation brought over from its predecessor, the DVR-A06, is the Precision Recording Technology. According to Pioneer, this technology will ensure optimal initial writing performance and is said to reduce deterioration from repetitive writing for DVD-RW media. The resultant effect of this technology has on used DVD-RW media is an improved quality as much as 10 times better than previous writer.


Supported functions of TDK AID+880N

A brand name that basically does not require much introduction. This is the company that we’ve come to know to deliver good optical drives at competitive prices. They’re also renowned for designing optical drives with unique and eye-catching faceplates and their latest Indi AID+880N featured here is no exception.

How they "stack" up

For your length consideration purposes

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