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Samsung SGH-E630 (Tri-Band)
By Leo Andrew G. Alejandro
Category : Mobile Phones
Published by Vijay Anand on Wednesday, 11th May, 2005
Rating : 3.5 out of 5 stars  

Taking A Closer Look

Measuring 128 by 160 pixels, the 65,536 colors capable LCD screen is relatively small, even though it does take up a sizable portion of the phone's front face. Directly below the LCD screen is a four-way navigation pad with a dedicated short cut button to the web browser nestled at the centre, quite common of Samsung mobile phones. Each of its four directions serves as a dedicated shortcut key where pressing 'up' invokes the camera, 'down' for the voice recorder, 'left' to compose a new SMS and 'right' brings up the melody subsection.

An angular view of the SGH-E630.

Judging from the side of the phone, it's clear that a few important aspects have been considered and incorporated into the handset. Some of these include volume keys, an Infrared port, an external camera button and an earphone jack. The location of the external camera button is functional and quite comfortable in the sense that it allows users a handling position similar to how one would with a digital camera.

At the bottom of the phone are the charger port and a button to release the battery. Removing the battery reveals the SIM card slot where the SIM card retention mechanism is based on a simple slide design, allowing for quick insertion and removal of the SIM card. Above the battery is the camera with flash and a small mirror for self-portraits.

The left side of the SGH-E630. The volume keys are here as well as the IrDA port (circled in red).

The right side of the SGH-E630 has the external camera button and an earphone jack.

The left side with the slide up. Notice the slight curve.

The right side with the slide up.

The back of the SGH-E630. Above the battery is the camera, flash and the small mirror.

The charger port and the microphone (in red) are at the bottom of the phone.

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