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Motorola MPx (Tri-band)
By Leo Andrew G. Alejandro
Category : Mobile Phones
Published by Vijay Anand on Sunday, 26th June, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

A Blue Suit

Dressed in what can be described as a dark blue suit over a silver shirt, this Motorola release has a deceiving cube-like appearance that makes the phone appear to be on the heavy side. Despite its deceiving rectangular shape, the MPx was surprisingly easy to handle and unexpectedly light too. Good ergonomics is critical for a highly used communication device such as the MPx. Another important point in our checklist is build quality and while the MPx was constructed primarily out of plastic, it felt reassuringly solid with very minimal chassis squeaks when subjected to a quick handling test. The MPx weighs 174 grams and measures 99.7 x 61.2 x 24 mm (L x W x H). There is a small 14 x 21mm LCD screen on the front of the folder and is accompanied by a 1.3-Megapixel camera with flash. At the lower portion of the folder is the speaker unit.

The Motorola MPx. There is the mini LCD, camera with flash and speaker on the front of the folder.

The MPx from the back. The silver tab at the bottom is the latch for the back cover.

A shot with the battery removed. To remove the SIM card, poke the stylus thru the slot and push it out.

A close up of the IrDA port and slot for the earphones.

On the side view, the slot for the SIM card is covered by a rubber fitting. There are also ports for the charger and data cable.

On the other side, the slot for the SD card is covered by a rubber fitting.

The mini LCD or external display screen is only meant for quick checking of the phone's status and alerts from newly received messages. The message Inbox cannot be accessed from the mini LCD so the newly received messages can only be viewed. If one wishes to reply to the message, the phone must be opened since this cannot be done from the mini LCD screen. The font on the mini LCD is relatively small; the closest description for it would be something similar to a size eight Arial font. After an extensive period of usage, our advise is to just read incoming messages from within the phone since viewing new messages from the mini LCD does not enable one to make any response to it.

Apart from reading new messages, the external display can also display phone settings, media player (which only serves as a quick launch for the media player), voice Recorder and wallpaper settings. The Media Player can be initialized from the mini LCD but only audio is supported when engaged in this mode. The only application mentioned in this list that can be run in its entirety from the mini LCD is the Voice Recorder application.

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