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Cooler Master Cross Flow Fan
By CPU-zilla
Category : Casings And Coolers
Published by Jimmy Tang on Saturday, 29th May, 2004
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Fan Your Motherboard

When Cooler Master shipped the new Cross Flow Fan to us, we thought it was some sort of a fan replacement part as it resembled the fan unit used in those split air-conditioner units. Of course, with the Cooler Master brand written right on the box, we quickly wondered where one could use this unique piece of hardware.

Taking it out of the box, we were presented with an elongated version of a blower fan, with a length of more than 30cm. As the name implies, the fan is used to blow across your PC's components and with a coverage of 33.6cm, you can guess by now that it's probably suited to be installed beside your motherboard.

Now, if you think that the Cross Flow Fan can be installed into any casing, then you'll be disappointed to learn that it's only tailored for their latest CM Stacker casing. This is because the mounting holes on the fan unit is unconventional and is not aligned to any mounting positions available on the standard ATX chassis. In addition, the fan unit needs to draw cool air from the outside and it's only possible with the CM Stacker since a special window is built into the casing itself. This really limits the usage of the Cross Flow Fan although we won't be surprised modders might find innovative ways to integrate this into other types of casings too.

This is where you can install the Cross Flow Fan. Notice the cut-out window in the CM Stacker casing which is specifically tailored for this purpose.

The Cross Flow Fan will direct a steady stream of air in the direction shown in the illustration above.

The table below lists the technical specifications of the product:-

Cooler Master Cross Flow Fan Technical Specifications
Dimensions 50×50×336mm
Weight 400g
Voltage DC12V
Start Voltage 5V
Current 0.24A
  • OFF : 0 RPM
  • LOW : 1400 RPM (6.5V)
  • MIDDLE : 1800 RPM (8.5V)
  • HIGH : 2500 RPM (12V)
Noise Level
  • OFF : 0dB
  • LOW : 22dB
  • MIDDLE : 30dB
  • HIGH : 38dB
Airflow 1.3m³/min
Pressure 2.0mm H20
Fan Usage Life 30,000 hrs
Bearing Type Ball Bearing

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