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Modding the Athlon XP into an MP
By CPU-zilla
Category : CPU
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 15th March, 2002

Identifying the Key

Comparing the workable XP and the unworkable XP, we found a certain bridge cut away. Just like how AMD lock the multiplier, we think that this particular bridge may hold the key to enabling the Athlon XP to run in dual configuration.

Below is where you'll find the bride.

Look for the L5 bridges at the highlighted area.

The Athlon XP that worked had the bridge, as shown below.

The older Athlon XP we bought some time back could be used in an MP configuration.

The Athlon XP that didn't work as an MP had its bridge cut off.

The recent batches of XP processors had the last bridge on L5 (right-most) cut.

The Duron that worked without needing any modification also had the bridge intact.

Most AMD Duron CPUs today could do MP as the bridges are already connected.

The answer is clear... now how do you modify the CPU?

Read on dudes...

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