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Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 DIY Guide
By CPU-zilla
Category : DIY Guides
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 16th August, 2004

Step 2 : Installing the Cooler

Once you've installed the processor successfully, you'll now need to install the cooler. In this guide, we'll be using the cooler bundled in every Intel boxed processor. Since there are not many coolers available that has support for the LGA775 socket yet, we'll just stick to using the one recommended by Intel. Besides, Intel's stringent heatsink design and requirements ensure that its heat dissipating performance matches the processor's thermal design power (TDP). Since the cooler is sufficient in handling the processor's heat output, we'll just use what's provided and save ourselves a few tens of dollars.

Anyway, before installing the cooler, you'll need to know a couple of things about its clip system. Familiarize yourself with it before you install it.

The bundled Intel cooler.

Thermal compound have already been pre-applied on the heatsink. Make sure you remove any protective cover on the thermal compound before installation. Also take extra care not to accidentally damage the compound as you want an interface that makes perfect contact with the processor.

Make sure all the four push-pins on the cooler are opened as shown.

If the push-pin has been locked (or closed), you will not be able to install it to the motherboard. When it's locked, it should look like what is shown in the picture above.

If the push-pin is locked, twist the top of the clip until the arrow is in the direction as shown (arrow pointing inwards). Then, pull the top upwards and the push-pin would then be in the unlocked position.

When the arrow is facing outwards (as shown above), you will not be able to pull the knob upwards. During the installation of the cooler, the arrow should stay in this position.

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