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Computex Taipei 2003 Update Pt. III
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 30th September, 2003

More Fancy Designs from Shuttle

For fans of the Battlefield 1942 game, you can get a pre-printed skin for the case. We don't think Shuttle will sell these models specifically but what we see here might give some of us some pretty bright ideas.

One of Shuttle's XPC chassis with the Battlefield 1942 skin.

Shuttle also have a pretty interesting design (below, right) which looks more like a mini bar fridge. It's a boxy design that was one of Shuttle's prototypes which incidentally won a Best of Computex award. They told us that they won't be making any XPCs with this chassis design, but after winning the award, they might be thinking twice.

Beside the SN41G2 is a rather conservative looking chassis which won them an award recently.

Water cooling on the Shuttle XPC, anyone? Well, they have an interesting water cooling rig attached to one of their XPC designs. At the rear end, you can see the large radiator which is used to remove heat absorbed by the water. Internally, you can only see pipes attached to the processor while the pump is probably hidden elsewhere. It's probably not the final design, although they have already pretty much gotten most of their concepts right.

The water cooling radiator is located right at the back of the chassis.

Over here, you can see the specially designed water cooling adapter for the processor.

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