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Computex Taipei 2003 Update Pt. II
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 29th September, 2003

More From Promise Technology

Promise Technology also introduced us to their next generation of SATA controllers which would support the SATA II specifications. The new PDC20579 is their latest controller with support for a single ATA-133 port and two SATA-150 ports. What's more important with this controller is its ability to support Native Command Queueing and Tagged Command Queueing - the ingredient needed for better SATA performance.

In addition to that, the PDC20579 will also feature the SmartRAID technology which basically brings the RAID setup interface to the Windows environment. Not only that it's easier to setup RAID, but expanding your single drive to a RAID 0, 1 or 10 array through the software is possible without ever leaving Windows.

New Promise controllers with RAIDsmart features will begin to appear in your favorite motherboards.

RAID controllers without hot-swapable drive enclosures would be quite useless. Promise showed us some new hot-swap enclosures for their new range of SATA controllers. For single drive applications, there's the SuperSwap 1100 which installs into a single 5.25-inch bay while a four-drive application would benefit from a four-in-one enclosure that installs into three 5.25-inch drive bays.

Promise Technology's SuperSwap 1100 hard disk drive enclosures.

You can install four hard disk drives in the SuperSwap 4100 hot-swap enclosure which takes up only three 5.25-inch bays.

For the high-end server segment, Promise also showed us their new VTrak 15100 which is a 3U rackmountable storage unit for up to 15 serial ATA drives. Using its own built-in RAID controller which supports RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 3, 5, 30 and 50, it basically converts all the installed SATA drives into a high-performance storage server which can be accessed through a SCSI interface.

This impressive 3U rackmount RAID storage can support up to 15 SATA drives.

The back of the Promise VTrak is filled with redundant power supplies and SCSI ports.

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