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Computex 2002 - A Preview
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by BeebleBrox on Monday, 3rd June, 2002

Whetting Your Appetite - ABIT

Now, we know you won't be hearing from us until we do some updates on Monday night, we think it will be cool to give you a peek of what's to come at Computex.

Let's begin with ABIT....

The new look for ABIT's motherboard packaging. You'll find this on ABIT's latest BG7 motherboard. I guess soccer craze has finally hit the designers at ABIT.

This is the new look for ABIT's motherboard packaging. If you're out shopping for the latest ABIT boards, you will definitely not miss this attractive packaging. I guess it would appeal especially to all soccer fans. Which reminds me, I'll be missing some good soccer matches while I'm away at Computex. Ho-hum!

The ABIT BG7 motherboard.

The BG7 is based on the Intel 845G chipset and it comes with all the standard on-board peripherals. Unlike most Intel based motherboards, ABIT decided to use a Realtek LAN controller in this one instead of the Intel 82562ET PHY for 100Mbps Ethernet support.

Six-channel audio bracket plus more USB ports.

The ABIT BG7 also features an ALC650 audio codec for six-channels of surround audio reproduction. ABIT compressed their bracket and gave us more connectors here. There's even an optical input SPDIF port. Looking much cooler than other brackets I've seen.

ABIT IT7 motherboard based on the Intel 845E chipset.

The new ABIT IT7 is the new addition to ABIT's Max series that is totally legacy free. No parallel, serial or PS/2 ports in this guy. Just pure USB and FireWire connectivity. Also comes with LAN, six-channel audio, USB 2.0, FireWire and RAID. Possibly one of the most complete all-in-one boards ever made. ABIT also managed to add another PCI slot in this board, giving it a total of four slots for more expansion possibilities.

The ABIT IT7 uses a HighPoint HPT374 controller.

The HighPoint HPT374 controller adds support for another 8 IDE hard disk drives. That's a little extreme, but it is exactly what ABIT plans to achieve here.

Four PCI slots on top of all the other on-board peripherals should give you enough room for upgrades. In case you didn't know, there are five fan connectors on this board. Gosh!

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