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Computex Taipei 2005 - Part 9
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 9th June, 2005

Albatron's Booth

Albatron's upcoming PX955X Pro motherboard based on the Intel 955X chipset. It comes with pretty standard features.

The much talked about Albatron ATOP card that converts a normal PCI Express graphics card to AGP. An ideal feature for legacy systems. However, Albatron indicated that the ATOP card will work only on certain types of their NVIDIA-based PCIe graphics cards and may not be compatible with all PCIe cards. They are still fine tuning this feature, according to them.

Albatron's latest GeForce 6600GT PCIe graphics card with their latest BIOS 4WD feature. So what's BIOS 4WD?

BIOS 4WD is Albatron's latest innovation that gives power users the ability to easily swap the firmware chip on their graphics card. This is especially useful if any corruption occurs due to mishaps during the firmware flashing process. Of course, card modders will certainly love to have this feature - and we need not say what are some of the things you can even begin to do with this removable firmware chip.

Another addition to the LGA775 family is Albatron's PX945G Pro motherboard which is based on the Intel 945G chipset that comes with integrated graphics.

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