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Computex Taipei 2005 - Part 6
By Zachary Chan
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Saturday, 4th June, 2005

More From ECS

The K8T890-A motherboard as its name implies is based on the new VIA K8T890 chipset for Socket 939 Athlon 64 processors. However, the board is still paired with the older VT8237 Southbridge, albeit ECS uses the 'R' version with RAID capabilities. Notice that the board features both a PCIe x16 graphics slot and an AGP slot too.

The PF22 Extreme is based on the Intel 955X Express chipset. The board on display features dual Gigabit LAN, extra SATA controller and FireWire support on top of the basic functions of the 955X Express chipset. However, according to ECS, the board is still a prototype and not a retail version, so we may still see some feature amendments.

ECS was another manufacturer at the show to display BTX form factor motherboards. The 945G-B is a cutting edge board with Intel 945G Express chipset paired with an ICH7 family Southbridge.

XFX's Booth

XFX is by trade, a graphics card manufacturer with a focus on the gaming community. However, at Computex Taipei 2005, we found them showcasing a different product all together as the main attraction.

Do not be fooled by the familiar 'X' box design or the treble logo on the box. The Revo32 SPU has nothing to do with graphics or audio. It is actually a PCI RAID storage accelerator. Termed as a Storage Processing Unit, the Revo32 SPU uses NetCell Corporation's Revolution SP processor, which brings RAID 3 to the masses and features 64-bit processing with L2 disk cache. The Revo32 SPU also comes with 512MB of memory for additional buffer cache onboard. While we see its potential benefits in universal application, XFX is targeting it directly at music professionals.

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