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CeBIT Hannover 2005 (Part 5)
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Thursday, 17th March, 2005

iRiver Portable Players and HIS Graphics Cards

New iRiver Portable Players

H2Oaudio partnered with iRiver to produce this one-of-a-kind MP3 case that can be used underwater. Designed for the iRiver iFP-700 series, you can now listen to music underwater at up to 10 feet (3m).

The new iRiver H10 series now comes with a color display and a vertical touchpad *coughs ‘Creative'* for easier navigation. It lets you record through its built-in microphone, listen to FM and view JPEG pictures. There are three different models, with the smallest 1GB model (1.2-inch display) based on Flash storage, a 5GB model with a 1.5-inch display and a 20GB model with a 1.8-inch display.

The PMP-120 is a portable multimedia player with a 20GB storage capacity (PMP-140 comes with 40GB). It plays DivX, MPEG-4 and XviD video files, in addition to basic MP3, WMA, ASF and WAV music formats. It comes with TV output capabilities too.

New HIS Graphics Cards

HIS will launch its TURBO series of graphics cards soon. With the Turbo series, these cards are supercharged at higher clock speeds for that extra gaming performance. The new X850XT ICEQ II TURBO card comes with its core/memory clocked at 540MHz/1.18GHz – the default clock speed of an X850 XT PE card. This gives users the performance of a PE card, minus the extra cost.

HIS Turbo Edition Lineup
HIS Turbo (core clock) Default core clock HIS Turbo (memory clock) Default memory clock
X850 XT PE - 540MHz - 1.18GHz
X850 XT 540MHz 520MHz 1.18GHz 1.08GHz
X800 XL 432MHz 400MHz 1GHz 980MHz
X800 398MHz 392MHz 910MHz 700MHz
X700 PRO 460MHz 425MHz 960MHz 860MHz
9550 306MHz 250MHz 400MHz 400MHz

HIS will also be launching a series of AGP versions of the X800 XL and X850 XT graphics cards. The AGP cards are made possible by the inclusion of this PCI Express to AGP bridge.

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