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CommunicAsia 2004 (Part 1)
By Justin Ong
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 18th June, 2004

LG, continued...

LG SC8000 is a Smartphone that's based on Microsoft PocketPC 2003 operating system. The unit comes with 196MB onboard memory and at the core is an Intel XScale 400MHz processor. The slide designed SC8000 packs a 1.1 MegaPixel CCD sensor that's embedded into a rotating drum on the top left corner of the phone.

Think of the SD330 as more than just a CDMA phone. This clamshell is a MP3 player, mobile phone and a digital camera. Sporting a 2 MegaPixels CCD camera, SD slot and 3D Stereo speakers on both sides of the phone makes you seriously wonder what else can they possibly squeeze into a phone of this form factor. By the way, primary and secondary screens are at 18-bit (262,144 colors) and 16-bit (65,536) respectively.

Tuning back into GSM, the T5100 is a model that's either having an identity crisis or what the mobile industry are aiming for their future models to look like. Looking and using the phone in its usual orientation, the phone looks like any other clamshell phone out there…

…But flip the screen by 180° and it instantly transforms into a practical 1.3 Megapixel camera with white balancing function. It's just a pity that the camera is built on CMOS instead of CCD.

We all know 3G will be the next wave in telecommunication and LG's U8100 isn't too good at hiding this fact either. Take a look at the bold letters '3G' and you'll know what the phone is trying to sell. Key attributes include a 2.2" 18-bit TFT primary display, VGA CMOS camera with flash, Multimedia player (MPEG4, MP3, AAC) and a jaw dropping 72-chord polyphonic ringer. Yes, we can feel your desire for this phone already.

The U8110 is a model developed purely for 3G and the convergence of the three mobile experiences, namely mobile telephony, Internet and multimedia. In terms of features, this unit is not too different from the U8100.

The W800 is a world phone that's basically Dual-Mode (dual SIM card slots) and allow its operator to roam between GSM and CDMA networks effortlessly. Frequent travelers will want this device in their pockets.

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