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CeBIT 2004 Update - Part 2
By CPU-zilla
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Sunday, 21st March, 2004

New Motherboards at Gigabyte

The new GA-8ANXP-D is based on the Alderwood chipset. It comes with two Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports and features up to six DDR2 memory slots. You can see in the picture that the DPS is now built into the board and there are a total of six phases of power for this baby. Also, in addition to the four SATA ports provided by the ICH6R, Gigabyte also added the SiI3114 controller for another four SATA devices. Oh, did we mention that this board will come with 1394b (FireWire 800) too?

The design of the GA-8GGNXP-D is quite similar to that of the Alderwood board. This particular board is based on the Grantsdale-G chipset which features Intel’s latest Extreme Graphics core that supports DirectX 9.

If you have no need for Alderwood’s extreme performance feature, then the Grantsdale-P chipset would be very much suited to your needs. It also comes with the same feature set as the Alderwood board.

For those that cannot afford DDR2 memory, Gigabyte also offers a DDR400 solution with the GA-8GPNXP motherboard. The features remain the same as the previous design with the "-D" suffix.

The GA-8GPNXP-Duo motherboard is based on the Grantsdale-P chipset which again comes with the same design as its previous Granstdale boards. The only difference is the memory support. Here, Gigabyte provided two types of DIMM slots, one dual-channel set for DDR400 and another for DDR2.

Here's a closer look at the DDR2 and DDR400 slots.

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