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O2 XDA II mini
By Justin Ong
Category : PDA
Published by Vijay Anand on Friday, 18th March, 2005
Rating : 4.5 out of 5 stars  


The first batch of most products bearing groundbreaking innovations is often geared more towards functionality and practicality rather than size/dimensions/portability concerns. Once consumers, newer technology and newer manufacturing process catch on with these products, funds would then be injected into improving the design and streamlining the produtcs. After much market research and tuning in to the needs of consumers, the XDA II Mini is the latest product conceived to please the thirst of the trendy group of users.

Finally a hybrid consciously styled for everyone

In our opinion, the design of the Mini is not leaps and bounds away from a regular Pocket PC. What is refreshing about this PDA-phone hybrid is that it's now in a familar candy bar form factor with its buttons laid out in a centric cluster. This clean presentation of its façade coupled with a screen that's larger than those present in most mobile phones are design traces that tie it back to its XDA heritage. And because of its generous 2.8-inch LCD screen, the XDA II mini is quite wide. However, it is still very manageable when compared to its XDA brother. This improved manageability is due to the 20% reduction in screen size over the typical 3.5-inch LCD screen found on Pocket PCs.

High quality magnesium alloy forms the bodywork of the XDA II mini and this gives us a very good sense of build quality. All corners of the unit have been rounded and the brushed silver finishing of its exterior gives it a contemporary look.

A lot of effort had gone into delivering the XDA II mini in its new form factor. On the right of the mini is a Nokia 7610, a mobilephone running on Symbian OS.

The crown of the mini

Right flank

The base of the mini

Left flank

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