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BenQ M310 Wireless Mini Optical Mouse
By Zachary Chan
Category : Input Devices
Published by Vijay Anand on Tuesday, 25th January, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Packaging, Installation and the Final Word

The BenQ M310 Wireless Mini Optical Mouse is packaged with the following items:-

  • M310 mouse
  • M310 USB RF receiver
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • Travel pouch
  • Quick start guide

    The BenQ M310 comes with two AAA sized batteries and a handy travel pouch.

    The M310 is a standard USB device, making installation a cinch. Our Windows 2000 system immediately detected and configured the mouse as soon as we plugged in the wireless receiver into a USB port. There wasn't even the need to activate the mouse as the RF channel ID was also automatically established. Just like other RF devices, you can switch RF channel IDs by pressing the connect button on both receiver and mouse if there is any interference.

    Bottom view of the M310 has a simple design. RF connect button is located here.

    Performance was an area the mouse seemed to lack. Using Mouse Rate Checker, we found that the M310 operates at an average of 57Hz, which isn't really a number worth talking about. What this entailed was some choppy cursor movement, which makes the mouse a terrible choice for precise operation. Of course, we do not think BenQ designed the M310 to be used for gaming, CAD or graphic design.

    While we understand that there is a need to conserve power for a mobile device, the M310 took significantly longer to re-activate from idle or sleep mode than other mice we have tested before. Slight movements did not awaken it and there was a long perceivable 'lag' before the sensor began to operate.

    Transparent scroll wheel allows users to check on mouse status without turning the mouse around to look at the optical LED.

    The size of the mouse is another factor to consider. The inherent problem with all mini mice is that they are too small to hold properly, forcing users to scrunch up their hand. If you strictly require a mouse for use while traveling, we believe you won't go wrong with the BenQ M310. However, if you are primarily stuck to a desk, a regular sized mouse will serve you much better and cause less fatigue in the long run.

    BenQ M310, compact mousing for the road warrior.

    The BenQ M310 Wireless Mini Optical Mouse accomplishes what it sets out to do, being an ideal notebook touchpad replacement that will work well for general usage such as office productivity and web browsing. We feel that users will be rewarded with a pleasant mousing experience, as long as you do not have delusions that the M310 will bag you top frag in Unreal Tournament 2004. At a retail price of S$69, the M310 is set to compete with other travel mice in the market.

    Updated as of 26-01-2005: New pricing information was made available and it has been reflected in the article above.

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