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Electrolux Trilobite
By CPU-zilla
Category : Others
Published by Jimmy Tang on Tuesday, 25th March, 2003
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  

Life's Better With Auto-Vacuuming

The Electrolux Trilobite is an intelligent vacuum cleaner that takes the hassle out of cleaning your room. It weighs only a mere 5kg and it can be easily carried around the house for whatever cleaning that you want to do. It comes with a charger unit that can be placed flushed to the wall so that it does not obstruct the Trilobite's cleaning program. Other than that, the Trilobite behaves just like any vacuum cleaner, except that this baby's an intelligent robot.

The Trilobite charger unit.

A close-up look at the charger terminals on the charger unit.

The Trilobite docked in the charger unit.

The charging terminals behind the Trilobite.

There are three cleaning programs which you can select when using the Trilobite. The "Normal" program should be the one to use if you want the Trilobite to thoroughly clean your room. When activated, the Trilobite first moves and maps the room by sensing the wall boundaries using its ultrasonic sensors. Once it has made a thorough scan of the room and knowing its size and boundaries, it will begin its cleaning cycle. Note that during the wall mapping cycle, it would have already begun vacuuming the sides of the wall.

In the Normal mode, the Trilobite scans the walls/boundaries of the room before it begins vacuuming the entire area.

A closer look at the ultrasonic sensor.

Logically, you would have thought that the Trilobite would clean the room systematically by traversing along horizontally or vertically until the entire room is fully vacuumed. Well, it doesn't do that. Instead, it would clean the room in a rather random fashion by moving along diagonally across the room. Although the movement looks random enough, it actually ensures that every single inch is vacuumed and it even vacuums the area more than once.

The control panel on the Trilobite. The buttons are quite self-explanatory and navigating through the menu is pretty straightforward.

The "Quick" program does away with the wall mapping routine and instead begins the cleaning cycle immediately. The job should complete faster with this program, however, it would be more effective if it's actually vacuuming a smaller or unobstructed area. This is because of the lack of wall mapping, the Trilobite might miss certain areas.

The "Spot" program will instruct the Trilobite to vacuum a limited area approximately 1 square meter from where the Trilobite would be located at the center of the spot. This program is useful if you've accidentally spilled something on the floor. In this mode, the Trilobite will vacuum the entire area twice.

Now, what if the battery runs out while vacuuming? Well, the Trilobite comes with two internal battery packs to ensure that it would last up to one hour vacuuming the room. In our tests, the Trilobite only managed to vacuum up to 33 minutes continuously (since the unit sent to us for review has been used before, it could be possible that the battery life test would not be representative of new units). If however, the room is too huge for the Trilobite to complete, it would stop before the battery runs out and it would then find the charging station and automatically docks to recharge. Once charging is completed, it would resume from where it left off. How's that for intelligence?

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