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WD Raptor RAID Performance
By CPU-zilla
Category : Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Monday, 25th August, 2003

Results - Winbench 99

Results from Winbench 99 were very encouraging as the Western Digital Raptor was easily in the lead most of the time. We should not jump into quick conclusion here as we all know that Windows 2000 or XP have this disk cache problem with SCSI adapters, which until today has not been properly resolved (thanks in part to Microsoft). This translated into poor application I/O performance which even the single Raptor could outdo the Seagate Cheetah 36ES. If you compare the performance with the Maxtor Atlas 15K (which is the fastest SCSI drive in this particular benchmark), you'll find that it only scored a meagre 14600 in Business Disk Winmark - which is still slower than the Raptor. However, the Atlas 15K managed to score 47900 in the High-End Disk Winmark suite, which is still easily beaten by the Raptor in RAID 0. Now, that's pretty amazing if you ask us.

For RAID 0 performance, it was only obvious in High-End Disk Winmark, while RAID 1 saw a general decrease in performance due to the mirroring process which could have slowed down the I/O access. Let's look at the access time and disk transfer rates in the next page.

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