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Seagate 3.5-inch External USB/Firewire Drive (400GB)
By CPU-zilla
Category : Storage
Published by Vijay Anand on Wednesday, 17th August, 2005
Rating : 4 out of 5 stars  


The external hard disk drive comes bundled with BounceBack Express, which is a backup software that enables you to easily keep your data files backed up regularly. Using the software is pretty straightforward as you can specifically select the folder or drive that you want to backup. The software also allows you to schedule your backup at specific times of the day, or even performing scheduled daily and monthly backups.

The only drawback with BounceBack Express is that its backup involves copying files from your source drive to the external drive. There are no options for compression although it has the option to verify your backup data. Still, it is smart enough to detect which files have changed since the last backup - so that actually keeps the backup process short and sweet. However, the archive is an exact replica of the source folder or hard disk and it is laid out similarly - which means all your files and folders remain in the same structure. This is good if you want quick access to your backup. However, if you are going to make backups from different sources, make sure you create separate folders for them. Otherwise, the directories in the backup will all be combined in one gigantic mess of files and folders.

Also, the 'Express' version of BounceBack does not give you additional advance features like versioning and synchronizing your files between two different PCs. We think these features are important in bringing users a full all-in-one backup solution. Sadly, Seagate's software bundle had only bare minimal features that would probably be adequate for home users.

Creating and scheduling backup sets.

You can schedule your backup to execute only once, at the predetermined time and day, or...

... perform daily backups at a predetermined time on days of your choice, or...

... backup on a monthly basis at a predetermined time.

Maintaining your backup sets.

You can exclude items from the backup. System files and temporary folders should be excluded to reduce backup time.

The backup progress window tells you exactly what is being copied and the size of the backup set.

Once backup has completed, BounceBack Express also reports the backup performance, giving you the backup rate. This is useful to ensure that your external drive is performing at its intended speed.

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