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Iomega REV Drive (Internal ATAPI)
By CPU-zilla
Category : Storage
Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 17th September, 2004
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Iomega has been known for revolutionizing removable storage technology and at one point, they've almost made the floppy drive obsolete. However, the dependency of certain operating systems on a low-level storage medium like the 1.44MB floppy disk has kept the age-old floppy alive even until today. On the other hand, the popularity and pricing of the optical storage medium has made CD and DVD writers very popular and that really affected the sales of the ZIP drive. Even when Iomega launched the ZIP drive supporting a maximum capacity of 750MB, it did not catch on. Today, the Iomega ZIP is still being used but it's no longer enjoying the limelight that it once had.

For those in the creative industry that requires larger storage capacity, there was the Jaz backup solution which offered up to 2GB of capacity. However, Jaz cartridges are bulky and they could not offer anything larger than 2GB. They were popular at one time, but were soon replaced by other cheaper removable medium. Then came Iomega's Peerless which was yet another attempt to revive their series of large capacity removable storage products. The Peerless was based on removable storage cartridge which holds a mobile hard disk drive within the shock-proof cartridge. It was demonstrated to have good transfer rates due to its core hard disk technology but it did not catch on because the hard disk medium was too costly. Furthermore, removable USB drives could offer larger capacities at more attractive price points than the Peerless. It never quite took off and was later discontinued, like the Jaz.

There were other discontinued products like the 40MB PocketZip drives and disks which offers a smaller storage form factor for notebook users. It was unfortunately too small and its capacity was too small for general usage. Today, most USB flash disks could offer as much as 512MB of storage, and you guessed it, PocketZip is no longer around today either.

Just like any form of storage medium, when usage models evolve, storage requirements change at the same time. It was inevitable that the Jaz, Peerless and PocketZip drives had to be axed from Iomega's product offerings. But, as the saying goes, "Out with the old, in with the new".

Today, Iomega returns with another large capacity storage drive that attempts to recapture the hearts of IT managers who want a fast, simple and cost effective backup solution. The new Iomega REV is a removable hard disk storage medium that resembles much like the Jaz, but it incorporates much more than what the Jaz offers.

Before we go in-depth, let's look at the Iomega REV's technical specifications below:-

Iomega REV Technical Specifications
  • 35,002,122,240 Bytes (35GB)
  • 2,048 Bytes per sector
  • 17,090,880 user logical sectors
  • 88,000 tracks/inch
  • 695,000 bits/inch
  • 61.16 Gigabits/square inch
  • GMR head type
  • Substrate type : Smooth glass disk
  • Data recording method : 48/50 Modified E²PRML
  • Number of Heads : 2
  • Number of Disk : 1
Reliability (Est.)
  • Cartridge life : 2,000 insertion and removal cycles
  • Drive life : 10,000 insertion and removal cycles
  • Drive service life : approx. 5 years
  • Cartridge shelf life : >30 years
Native Drive Transfer Rate
  • ATAPI : 100MB/s
  • Maximum data transfer rate OD : 25.4MB/s
  • Maximum data transfer rate ID : 12.7MB/s
Device Timing
  • Seek Time (average) : 12ms (read), 13ms (write)
  • Latency : 7.1ms
  • Spindle speed : 4200RPM
  • Start Time : 12s
  • Stop Time (including eject) : 6s
Physical Dimensions
  • Disk (W x H x L) : 77 x 10 x 75mm
  • Internal Drive (W x H x L) : 101.4 x 25.4 x 146mm
  • External Drive (W x H x L) : 110 x 36 x 156mm
  • Disk : 73g
  • Internal Drive : 424g
  • External Drive : 392g
Power Characteristics
  • Drive supply voltage : 5V
  • Current draw (seek - peak) : 1.18A
  • Power consumption (see - peak) : 5.9W

Inside the Iomega REV package (internal ATAPI model), you'll find the following items :-

  • Iomega REV drive
  • Iomega REV 35GB disk (PC formatted)
  • 5.25-inch bay mounting kit
  • 80-conductor IDE cable
  • Quick install guide
  • Iomega solutions CD
  • Norton Ghost for REV drive

    The Iomega REV drive is compact enough to fit into a 3.5-inch drive bay.

    The rear view of the REV drive, with the usual IDE and power connectors (including jumpers for selecting master, slave or cable select).
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