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Seagate Unveils 10 New Products
By CPU-zilla
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Published by Jimmy Tang on Friday, 10th June, 2005

Seagate Does It Again

About the same time last year, Seagate took the storage industry by surprise with the announcement of 12 new products. Today, Seagate continued the momentum with yet another major announcement of products, spanning storage devices for consumer electronics to the PC. The announcements today covered 10 new hard disc drives which would be launched later this year and early 2006.

The disclosure of the 10 new storage drives today further strengthened Seagate's commitment to be the world leader in hard disc storage products. New products targeted at new types of applications and continued increases in capacities are some of the key messages Seagate delivered today at their leading manufacturing facility located here at Ang Mo Kio in Singapore. By delivering a broad product line, Seagate believes that these products will provide access to 97% of total hard drive revenue.

Since the announcements made last year, Seagate posted record unit shipments while increasing their revenue to 47% year-on-year. In fact, Seagate now claims leadership in three out of four market segments, namely CE (consumer electronics), desktop PC and enterprise. They have moved up to be one of the top four suppliers in the mobile market since the introduction of their Momentus series and is looking to dominate that segment with higher drive capacities and leadership in drive technology. In fact, the recent shipment of their new Momentus drives with the SATA interface targeted at notebook vendors adopting Intel's new Sonoma platform has gained much recognition and acceptance in the industry.

Today, Seagate introduced 10 new products which covers every market segment, and will also unveil a 'soon to be launched' product based on the much talked about perpendicular recording technology. Other types of drives joining the line-up include drives for extreme environments and drives with hardware based encryption technology. We'll run through each of these drives in the next few pages, so read on if you're interested to know what's in store for your in the next year.

Seagate's upcoming 500GB hard disc drive for the desktop PC.

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