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Computex Taipei 2005 - Part 5
By Vijay Anand
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Friday, 3rd June, 2005

Fujitsu's Booth
As everyone knows, Fujitsu offers a very diverse array of products and services from the consumer level all the way up to the enterprise level. With that said, we were expecting Fujitsu's booth in Computex 2005 to showcase a variety of hardware for end-users and corporate level alike. Though we were right on the latter part when we were at their show floor, Fujitsu's strategy in Computex 2005 was clearly on showcasing their storage solutions and those of their partner designs.

Fujitsu's focus in Computex 2005 was mostly on their storage division.

While we are quite familiar with their consumer laptop hard drives that we often encounter, their enterprise side has some new updates. Shown here is a 3.5-inch 15,000-RPM enterprise Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drive from the Allegro 9LX family. Supports 3Gb/s maximum transfer rate, has a 16MB buffer and comes in 36GB, 73GB and 147GB sizes. However, the following hard drive is an even newer entity.

Just recently launched, this is Fujitsu's first small form factor (2.5-inch) SAS hard drive. Also for the enterprise sector, these smaller versions of the above shown can pack quite a punch as far as storage density is concerned. These are 10,000-RPM drives with an 8MB buffer and the same 3Gb/s maximum transfer rate. Available in 36GB and 73GB sizes.

When put into use in the right environment and the appropriate controller hardware, they can even wring out higher input/output operations per second (IOPS) than the traditional 3.5-inch versions. For one, there are less disk platters which helps maintain the drive's performance/latency edge (courtesy of the space constraint) as well as the ability to pack more drives into any given space than the traditional non-SFF versions.

As seen here, this 5.25-inch SFF drive enclosure can hold four of the 2.5-inch SAS drives. Also on display in the show was a 6-drive configuration also on single 5.25-inch bay module, which is a tremendous increase in storage density.

Here is one of their partner's SFF SAS drive rack which stacks eight hard drives. Heat is not an issue as this drive cage has rear active cooling built-in. What's special is that there aren't eight unsightly cables at the back but just two. This was achieved by integrating a fast switching circuitry at the backplane where the SAS drives interface. Fujitsu explained that the controller is fast enough not to starve the other drives as well as the fact that the throughput provided on just two SAS connections is adequate.

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