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Computex Taipei 2005 - Part 4
By Zachary Chan
Category : Events
Published by Jimmy Tang on Thursday, 2nd June, 2005

A-Data's Booth

A-Data's Booth.

A-Data has begun to display brand new fully buffered, FB-DIMM modules. FB-DIMM was proposed by Intel as a new memory interface using a serial architecture. The main advantage is the shorter data path, and enabling more memory slots on a system, increasing both performance and maximum capacities. What you see displayed here are 240-pin, 1GB FB-DIMM modules.

With FSB speeds reaching 1GHz and higher, memory speeds need to keep up in order to avoid unnecessary bottlenecks affecting performance. High speed DDR2-800 memory modules can now be found, as seen here with A-Data’s Vitesta brand DDR2 memory. These modules come in 256 and 512MB sticks.

If you thought DDR2-800 is fast enough, wait till you see this. A-Data also proudly presented their Vitesta DDR2 1066 memory modules that run at an incredible 1066MHz. What is more amazing is that A-Data memory has ATI certification and recommendation for their RADEON XPRESS motherboard solutions.

The Vitesta SO-DIMM modules for notebooks are also of the high speed DDR2 667 type. Besides full length DIMM and SO-DIMM modules, A-Data also supplies high speed graphics card memory under the alias VData.

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