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Computex Taipei 2005 - MSI Preview
By Zachary Chan
Category : Events
Published by Vijay Anand on Tuesday, 31st May, 2005

The MEGA Cometh

Just as Computex Taipei 2005 is about to go live with today's official launch, www.hardwarezone.comĀ® paid MSI a visit and checked out what they have to offer in this year's show. MSI has a host of new audio and video players to fulfil the CE market as well as a few exciting graphic card technologies from ATI, which we're sure our readers will be very much excited as to what will ensue. Perhaps the most interesting and secretive exhibit MSI has to offer is an ambitious project entitled the CoreCell Tower. Of this, we were able to take some photos and gathered some initial information as to what MSI is trying to achieve.

Let's start off our preview with some of the many new MEGA MP3 players MSI has on display:-

The MEGA PLAYER 522 comes with a sexy OLED display, works with MP3 and WMA formats, comes with an FM tuner and supports video recording. This baby comes in 256 or 512MB versions and also has a Bluetooth edition (522BT). Battery life is stated to last 18 hours for audio playback for the non-Bluetooth version and 12 hours for the Bluetooth enabled player.

The MEGA PLAYER 529 is a digital audio player that can also be used to store and view digital pictures. The player comes with a large 2.5-inch TFT LCD, supports MP3/WMA/DRM audio and JPEG/Motion JPEG image playback. Additional functions include FM tuner and voice recorder with a 12 hour battery.

The MEGA PLAYER 535 is by all means an enhanced version of the 529. It has all the same functions and features down to its 2.5-inch TFT LCD. However, the 535 gives you a 20GB stoage capacity in the form of a 1.8-inch HDD and is also capable of directly encoding CD audio right into the player itself. Say goodbye to dependancy to the PC and bloated applications.

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